Monday, August 8, 2016

In The Works

Below are just a few things that I'm currently working on. I write short fiction, mostly about and for women, along with a few young adult fiction works.

Bent, Not Broken

A screenplay that follows three women as they navigate the end of relationships. Clara Diaz begins her post-college "adult" life with enthusiasm, and why not? She has everything, a great first job, a boyfriend away at law school. Her life is full of promise. Until her roommate moves out to live with a guy she barely knows, and her boyfriend doesn't seem to have any time for her. Is it really law school he is preoccupied with? Lisa Simmons realizes her long distance relationship has run its course and puts it to bed. So now what? She has been at her current job over five years, the longest she has stayed in one place in her adult life. Is it time to move on? Does the end of a relationship always have to mean reinventing your life? Sloan Heidelberg has recently reconnected with a former crush and things are going well. Until they aren't. He isn't returning her calls or texts. He seems to have disappeared. But why? 

My Secret Life
Reality TV star Dakota Whitt's real life is nothing like what the viewers see on TV each week. The show, the lifestyle, even the family, is all a sham. In fact, not even her name is real. It has all been cobbled together by her hot mess of a mother and an opportunist TV producer. But Dakota has only one year left before she can leave the family and go off to college. So, while she wishes her life were different, she's stuck for now. Letting the secret out would do more harm than good, especially for her younger sister and brother who deserve a chance at a better life. So for now, she will go along with the charade. But how long can this cast of misfit characters keep the secret?

Jo Martin  struggles to cope with the loss of her best friend and partner. A struggle that led to the loss of her beloved job with the FBI - at least temporarily. She takes a temporary position teaching Criminal Profiling at a small, quiet campus. The perfect place to get away from it all for a while. Or so she thought. Antioch State College might be a little too close to home for Jo. Triggering past traumas that Jo thought she had long since buried. Through her therapist, friends, family and interesting new people, Jo learns not only to cope but to survive.

Joselyn Streeter was the sweetheart of Major League Baseball coverage for a popular all-sports network. At least until she got into a social media spat with baseball star Clay Pierson. Now she finds herself unemployed and either a hero or a heel depending on who you ask. She uses her vast array of contacts to claw her way back out of this mess and resurrect her once promising career. The most frustrating thing for Joselyn is that being a sports reporter wasn't even what she wanted. The coveted job with the sports network just landed in her lap - how could she turn them down? But now faced with starting over again, Joselyn  realizes the power of getting back to basics. Maybe she can have the career she always dreamed of after all.

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